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I've moved shop. I no longer update this blog so you'll find all jublin news and art at http://www.jublin.com

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nerdy velma

nerdy velma, originally uploaded by Jublin.

playing around in illustrator after watching the scooby doo movie. Trying to figure out the most effective and efficient way to color in the program.

Although i was working on the nerd version, the movie has a much sexier Velma. rawr.


fight with your WORDS man!

type fight, originally uploaded by Jublin.

a design i just finished up and subbed over to threadless. We shall soon see what others think of it. It was fun to play around with typography for a change. Hopefully, I'll try more of that in the FUTURE!


cute little things!

i did a few designs for a nice little eco-friendly company called Leo Goes Grr. It was good practicing in illustrator, which i'm not really used to, and i'm happy with how they turned out but now I really feel like i need to draw someone getting punched in the head. Cute overload.


the new clyde

the new clyde, originally uploaded by Jublin.

Here's a Vinyl toy I'm working on at the moment for a gallery show in san deigo. http://subtextstore.com/blog/

He should be done soon!


Storyboards... yeah!

Well i'm working on some serious business now. Nope, no i'm not. But I'm trying to get a job and someone recommended I do some storyboards to throw in with my portfolio. You got it dude. This scene is kind of based off of another scene from one of my favorite movies. But what movie?!


beautiful/ugly faces for sale

funny faces for sale, originally uploaded by Jublin.


Ok i figured i'd try and just set these up for sale. We'll see what happens! And if anyone is selling something or plans on selling something or wants to make a sweet art trade then I'd be up for that too. for sure. Let me know! Also there are a few that are seen here that aren't in the store yet. Eventually the rest will pop up if they haven't already sold out. Ask about that too if you are interested.

All the pieces are dun dun dun....
-6x8 watercolor and brush pen artwork
-framed in a black 7.5x9.5 wooden frame with glass and backing
-name/"most likely to" label included (printed on cardstock 2x3.5)
-signed and stamped? (if that even matters)