beautiful/ugly faces for sale

funny faces for sale, originally uploaded by Jublin.


Ok i figured i'd try and just set these up for sale. We'll see what happens! And if anyone is selling something or plans on selling something or wants to make a sweet art trade then I'd be up for that too. for sure. Let me know! Also there are a few that are seen here that aren't in the store yet. Eventually the rest will pop up if they haven't already sold out. Ask about that too if you are interested.

All the pieces are dun dun dun....
-6x8 watercolor and brush pen artwork
-framed in a black 7.5x9.5 wooden frame with glass and backing
-name/"most likely to" label included (printed on cardstock 2x3.5)
-signed and stamped? (if that even matters)




my family, originally uploaded by Jublin.

On saturday I went to the San Diego student portfolio review put on through AIGA and it was amazing. It was great to see a bunch of other local students (well graduates now) that are in the same field and check out their work. There was some crazy cool stuff.

And the super great thing is that i won stuff! I won the best of Illustration award and the best of Interactive award. It was insane! I totally didn't not expect it. I also won 5th place overall. It was such a rush and gave me a little natural high for the rest of the day. There were tons of great portfolios so it felt really amazing to be picked for something. Next stop... the White House! I'm moving up, can't stop now.