Since I'm back at home right now, I figured I would put together a few highlights of my high school career. A few of my favorite drawings from the high school years. High school was great. I vividly remember not going to dances and trying to cheat on tests. It was the greatest 6 and a half years of my life.

(this game was based on a true story)

(this was before he was dead, so I think it's ok)

(i loved this comic so much i had to make my own,
but i forgot they were supposed to be funny)

(i don't know why i included these)

(i desperately needed these guys to take out my math teacher)


-jen said...

awesome drawings jub.

Nina said...

great drawings. i like your versions of Get Fuzzy better than the original. The drawings in the original make me naseus.

-Nina (nslesinger from Threadless)