chilled out alien monster. he was lucky enough to star in his own stupid cartoon. (sort of) it's right here.

the illustrious apo. animal kingdoms number one dude.


mo said...

Hey, Jublin!
I really like your little monster!
(I didn't mean that to sound dirty, I swear!)
I think the cartoon is super great! Who did the voice? Will we ever find out the rest of the story?
(mad cat)

martin wittig said...

Nice sketches man! You put a lot of personality and humour in your work, which is a great quality!Keep pushing your work, I can't wait to see what's next!

Rrramone said...

Nice, always like your take on IF. :-)

Jan Avendano said...

because 3 is the new 2!...you're too ahead of your time jubs ;)

Monkey Freak said...

I like the skech.
It is so funny and cute.

ABeadles said...

Can't you post some pics of your cute dog?

zootso said...

Excellent stuff man! Reminds me of my doodles and sketches I have covering all of my class books, heh.


spacesick said...

haha! Nice animating, Principal Jubman.

This is the site I've been using to host my flash stuff. So far they've let me hotlink the hell out of it, so I hope it stays that way.


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