Foots and Feet

So I'm taking a figure drawing class this semester. A "figure drawing" class you ask? Yes, a "figure drawing" class. That means I sit around and draw people in le nude all day. It's good practice and a lot of fun. Last week we had The Incredible Hulk come in and pose for us. That was a rough day. I spent at least several hours sketching out his eyeball, eye, eyechub, cheek, and chin facial features. He has a big face.

Now I have to fill up my sketchbook with feet, hands, and other such gibberish bodyparts. We are supposed to use our own hands as references, but I spoke with the teacher and we both agreed that my hands and feet were far to ugly to be drawn. I'll try and get some of my gesture sketches up here, but they were drawn on big huge sheets of paper, so it might be a bit tricky. The only way I could fit them in my scanner was if I crumpled them up into little balls or folded them into paper airplanes and then flattened them in my scanner bed. I'll figure something out... or will I?


Meagan said...

the feet you've drawn look great, Justin! too bad your real feet look so terrible :( :( :(

Alina Chau said...

very nice studies!