alphabet VECTORS!

Front and Back, originally uploaded by Jublin.

(flip it and reverse it)

This is a little book i made to show with my portfolio. I came up with the alphabet idea because i thought it would be a good way to trick people into thinking i'm clever. The purpose of this was to really show more vector art that I wasn't able to show in my portfolio. It's a little companion piece. Everyone needs a buddy.

I just printed the pages out myself and got it bound at kinkos so it was really cheap to make. Maybe i'll make more?

more pics on my flickr


welcome to the dreamboat

welcome to the dreamboat, originally uploaded by Jublin.

This is the lovely derby car I'm sending over to threadless for their Threadlemanss derby race. I think this guy will be too heavy and too ride to actually race, but i'm still crossing my fingers!

Stuff for Shirts!

It's been a long while since i've posted anything, but i'd like to fix that and start updating more often. Or at least every once in a while. Here's a quick update of a lot of the work I have been doing for shirts.