Winter Crush

Everyone's favorite holiday is coming up... my birthday! Oops I mean Christmas! I was working on what I thought was going to be some little dinky animation for the winter snow season, but I think it will probably turn into something else. I was actually inspired to make this by some art work we talked about in my Art History class. I was busy trying to write "Love" and "You" on my eyelids until this piece popped up and I became too distracted to finish.
Here's a quick background i did in corel painter. Someone mentioned those two hills looked like boobs... so that made things awkward.And here's a few different styles of little munchkin boys I was trying out. Not sure which one is my favorite, but that guy in the bottom left makes me want to hug and punch his face at the same time.

1 comment:

mo said...

Great work!
I love the background (maybe because it looks like boobs?)! and the "attack" kid is my favorite.
Is your teacher Indiana Jones????!!!