More noods

Here are a few drawings from class. This is me experimenting with watercolor crayons and how they interact/react/cooperate/get along/fightcrime/and work with water. This is definitely my favorite class this semester and I'm gonna try to take many more life drawing classes when ever I can. The harderst part is working so quickly and under a time limit because these are human beings i'm working with! They live, breathe, eat, drink, play video games, sleep, eat, sing, and move just like you and me. I'm also not really used to drawing on such a big scale so this class has been testing me a lot like the movie Running Man with Arnold S. It's really a big help, and if nothing else i get to just look at naked people. AWKWARD! (or is it?)

these are way too big to fit in my scanner so i'm sorry for the crappy photos... i'm not a robot!


mo said...

These are really really great!
I'm so glad that you like life drawing class! That was always my favorite, too!
Miss you!

Alina Chau said...

wonderful figure drawings!

Jublin said...

thanks guys. i'm working on it, hopefully i can take another class next semester.