zoo things

I finally scanned in some more of the sketches I made while visiting all my favorite animal friends at the zoo a few months ago. I even got BBQ sauce on my sketch book thanks to a certain old lady someone who happened to be slopping all over her chicken fingers nearby.

I've been to the San Diego zoo a couple times now, but this was my first trip with a sketchbook and pencil materials. I still couldn't find half of the animals I was looking for, so I made do with what little animals punks I could find.


mo said...

Totally awesome!
Love that Zebra Butt!
But the panda and the turtle leg are my fav!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

great work, dude.

ellie said...

found your blog via the drawn! site, and am enjoying your work immensely. i think if a flamingo gave me the look he is giving in some of your sketches, i'd be frightened, but i'd also laugh.

great stuff!